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Improving Your Child's Sleep

Improving Your Child’s Sleep in 2015

  Is improving your child’s sleep at the top of your resolution list for 2015? Are you resolved to make family sleep a priority in the new year? The trouble with resolutions (as most of us know all too well) is that they’re easy to make but hard to carry out! Making changes is hard […]

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naps by age - how many, how often, how long

Naps By Age – How Many, How Often, How Long?

Are you struggling to find a nap schedule that works for your child? If so, it’s not surprising. Children’s sleep needs are constantly changing during the first few years of life  – just when you have things figured out, everything changes! Although every child is different, the following guidelines are a good place to start. […]

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tired student sleeping with homework

Teen and Tween Sleep Challenges

In a few weeks my son will officially become a teenager. It’s hard to believe, but undeniable – in a little over a year he’s grown five inches, his voice has dropped an octave, and his 8:15 pm bedtime is a thing of the past. I’ve always run a tight ship when it comes to […]

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