baby pacifier

The Pacifier and Sleep

  Does your little one fall asleep with a pacifier in their mouth and wake up when it falls out? If you put the pacifier back in quickly, do they go right back to sleep? If it’s only happening a few times per night you may be perfectly fine being on pacifier duty. If, on […]

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Transitioning from nap time to quiet time

Transitioning From Nap Time To Quiet Time

  Is your pre-schooler’s nap starting to unravel? Is it taking them longer and longer to fall asleep, or is their nap getting shorter and shorter in length? Are they singing, chatting, and getting up and down instead of sleeping? Or are they napping well on some days, but resisting bedtime and taking ages to […]

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teething and sleep

The Truth About Teething and Sleep

Teething and sleep don’t mix… right? Or do they? If your baby or toddler has disrupted sleep you may be tempted to blame teething – and you may be right. There’s no question that for some babies, teething involves discomfort. But studies suggest that teething may not be the huge sleep wrecker that parents assume […]

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Bedtime Routines

Bedtime Routines – Consistency Counts!

We all know that a consistent bedtime routine helps children transition from being awake to falling asleep. But current research suggests that a consistent bedtime routine may do more than make bedtime easier – it may actually help children sleep better all night long. When it comes to bedtime routines – consistency counts! A recent […]

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Eliminating bedtime Bottles

Eliminating Bedtime Bottles

Are you thinking of eliminating your child’s bedtime bottles? If your child has celebrated their first birthday and still drinks from a bottle, your pediatrician is probably encouraging you to switch to a cup. That recommendation may send shivers down your spine. Toddlers can be very attached to their bottle, especially if they’re using it […]

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potty training and sleep

Potty Training and Sleep

Is your child’s potty training causing sleep issues? Are they fighting naps, stalling at bedtime, getting out of bed repeatedly or waking up early? If this goes on at your house, it’s no surprise. We all know that developmental milestones can wreak havoc with sleep – and using the potty is a very major milestone! […]

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Improving Your Child's Sleep

Improving Your Child’s Sleep in 2015

  Is improving your child’s sleep at the top of your resolution list for 2015? Are you resolved to make family sleep a priority in the new year? The trouble with resolutions (as most of us know all too well) is that they’re easy to make but hard to carry out! Making changes is hard […]

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