Frequently Asked Questions
I’ve read sleep training books, spent hours researching on the internet, taken advice from friends and family and even ordered an online personalized sleep plan  – and my child still isn’t sleeping! What can you offer that I haven’t already tried?

Unlike books and websites that offer general advice and “one size fits all” approaches, my sleep plans are designed specifically for your child, and consider all of the qualities and circumstances that make your child and family unique. I provide you with a thorough assessment and a detailed, step-by-step plan that’s perfectly tailored for you and your child – and unlike books, websites and “fill in the blank” online sleep plans, I’ll be there to personally guide and support you through the entire sleep coaching process.

What sets you apart from other sleep consultants?

  • I am a certified baby and child sleep consultant with extensive training and years of practical experience.
  • I am the staff pediatric sleep consultant at The Center For Advanced Pediatrics, one of the most comprehensive and respected pediatric practices in the tri-state area.
  • I collaborate with an incredible network of medical professionals – physicians, lactation consultants, nutritionists, gastroenterologists, sleep medicine doctors, ENT’s, occupational therapists and psychologists – to assure that every aspect of your child’s health and well being is considered throughout the coaching process.
  • I am a trusted resource for pediatricians and health care professionals throughout the tri-state area and beyond.
  • I advocate tirelessly for families that need help outside the realm of behavioral sleep issues.
  • I’m invested in your success. As the mother of a once terrible sleeper I understand how children’s sleep struggles can affect every aspect of your family’s life. I also know how life changing it can be be when sleep problems are resolved. My mission is to be sure that every family I work with has that life changing experience. Guiding families to a good night’s sleep isn’t just my job – it’s my passion.

Do you subscribe to only one method of sleep coaching?
I utilize a variety of safe, evidence-based sleep coaching methods, and we work together to find the best method or combination of methods for your family. My goal is to help you to execute that method in a way that minimizes tears and makes the coaching process a positive, empowering experience.

Your packages include siblings. How does that work?
If you have more than one child with a sleep problem, we can create a plan for them, too!  If you decide to coach one child at at a time and your package expires before child number two’s sleep has improved, you can purchase additional follow ups for continued support beyond the three week initial engagement.

What is the cost of your services?
Different families need different levels of support. Click here for details on my packages and pricing. If you’re not sure what level of support you’ll need, feel free to call and I’ll help you decide.

Can you come to my home and help me implement our plan?
If you need in-person bedtime support, I can be there. Call me at 203-952-1360 to find out more about this special service.