Gentle Sleep Coaching

Alison Bevan - Sleepytime CoachGentle Sleep Coaching
No method of sleep training is one size fits all – and no method is right or wrong. What works for your family may not work for others. But success with ANY method depends on your ability to commit to a plan and follow through with consistency.

As a certified baby and child sleep consultant that specializes in gentle sleep coaching methods, I offer great alternatives to parents who resist the idea of leaving their baby alone to cry it out. As we work together to teach your child to sleep you will ALWAYS be able to respond to your child in a loving, supportive way. Whether your child breastfeeds, bottle-feeds, co-sleeps or sleeps in their own crib or bed, my customized, evidence-based sleep plans are designed to minimize tears and maximize your ability to be consistent, which is the key to sleep coaching success.